vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Wardrobe Post Part 1

Everyone is making wardrobe posts, so I'm giving it a go.

Front: Montreal - MMM
Back: Linglam - Linglam - Taobao

My pride is, of course, my dreamshoes of Moi-Même-Moitié. I have been wanting those shoes for almost 2 years now. I can't help but feel lucky that I now finally own them.

Bodyline - Made by LJ user - Wondercookie Replica - Dreamy Doll House Replica
Also gained the skirts in this order.


I love my Moitié cutsew ^^ 
I was lucky enough to buy it from a friend. It's my first and (at the moment) only cutsew.
I haven't been able to wear it as much as I want to, but I hope I can wear it more often.

MMM - Bodyline
My Moitié blouse was my first blouse I purchased, ans also my first Moitié item.
I love my blouse to bits, it's perfect for gothic lolita ♥

And today I bought a shirt from H&M, which might work with gothic lolita.

IW OP - OP Dress by Ludivine - Mirror - Mirror

My IW dress is my second brand dress, and perfect for the winter. I need to wear it more often.

This dress is made by miss Ludivine. I bought it at my beginning of wearing lolita, I believe after 6 months.
On this photo you can see the dress better.

The black dress with white crosses is my first dress ever when I began wearing lolita.
I was extremely happy with it, and it's still mt favourite dress ♥ You can see the dress again 2 posts ago.

The white Snow Angel dress is my second favourite dress. It's also my only white dress, which is perfect for Shiro lolita. Picture below is my favourite coord.

Metamorphose -Bodyline Bat bag - Btssb Heart Bag -Metamorphose
The Heart bag from Btssb is also a dream item of mine. I have been wanting it for 2,5 years.

On my Bat bag is a Moitié keychain, which gives the bag a nice extra detail.

Metamorphose - Metamorphose - MMM - MMM

The Moitié socks are both my favourite socks.

Made by a friend, I still love it..My first round headdress ^^
The white headdress is made to match my white dress..It is gorgeos! ♥

These dresses are more lolita inspired, I like wearing them. Especially the blue dress.
Bought from a friend - H&M - H&M

This fur stole from H&M can make your outfit a bit more elegant

I'm also in love with my Moitié phonestrap, that hasn't been used since I bought it..

And of course, the MDM pendant can't be missed in a Gothic lolita's wardrobe

I haven't shown you everything yet, but I will save it for the next time; my accesories/jewelry ^^
I hope you all enjoyed my post, even though it's longer than I wanted it to be.

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  1. Erg leuk om je spulletjes te zien. Je hebt echt een hele mooie lolita gardarobe! :D

    (moet/wil zelf ook binnenkort maar eens een wardrobe post maken ^^)

  2. Dank je wel ^^
    Zou jouw wardrobe post wel willen zien, je hebt zulke leuke jurken =D