maandag 6 juni 2011


Yesterday was Dolliverse, a dollconvention here in the Netherlands, with mostly ABJD (Asian Ball-jointed dolls), but there were also some Pullips/Blythes!
There are some stands with dolls, clothing, wigs, eyes, accesories and more for sale.
I brought two dolls of mine with me, Misery and Emmy.
There was also a contest, for best entry, and you could win a doll!
The theme was: Historical Higlights- history 1400-1900 
 I didn't apply, but I always enjoy looking at how much effort people make, in order to make something pretty. Because they have to make alot themselves ^^

I made some photo's of the entries, but not all. 
The other people could vote for a top 3 with their favourites, in order for them to win a prize.
Some decors were amazing~♥

And some other photo's!
My little Misery~♥
Doll from a friend of mine, wearing a Mori girl outfit ♥
And a doll from another friend of mine, so cute with wings!
After we got home, we were all tired~
Le bonus ♥
I was putting one doll of mine back in the basket, had no idea this photo was taken!

  We didn't stayed so long, even though it was alot of fun, but we (my boyfriend and I) were so tired.He had to work the whole weekend, and we went to bed late the night before.

Next time I will bring along only one doll, because that is so much easier!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Jammer dat ik jullie maar heel even heb gezien, omdat ik zo moest rennen steeds :( hopelijk volgende x wat meer tijd xD

    je ziet er trouwens leuk uit in FD, en die bonusfoto is ook erg leuk ^^

    Jammer genoeg is dolliverse verder eigenlijk geheel aan mij en Tim voorbij gegaan :(

  2. die victoriaanse dolls zijn echt prachtig <3

  3. @Rooz: Daarom waren we nu geen gopher. Je hebt niet overal de tijd voor dan. Hoop dat je het verder wel leuk hebt gehad. Was in ieder geval leuk je even gezien te hebben.
    @Miradell: ja echt super he, en die outfits waren allemaal zelfgemaakt ♥

  4. Leuke foto's :D
    het was me helemaal ontschoten dat er Dolliverse was totdat ik merkte dat het de 5de van juni was XD misschien is het wat voor een volgende keer :3