dinsdag 7 juni 2011


We all have them, inspirations. People who inspire you for a reason, who you look up to.
I feel very fortunate, because there are some girls in my community who really inspire me. Inspiration doesn't have to go far.

Inspirations in random order~♥
1. Sensaina Bara

A very beautiful and kind girl, who always look amazing. She always manage to look elegant. She has such a kind personality, and has always been so sweet and nice to me. She is also very talented in photography, one of her passions. Her other passions are horses, or just animals in general. But her biggest love is Faldo, her dog. It's heartwarming when I hear her talk about the things she love.

2. Velvetbat

Another sweet girl, with an amazing style! Before she began wearing lolita, she wore cyber. And it looks so good on her! She looks unique in cyberlolita, and has a lovely deathrock lolita outfit (shown in the photo). I like the fact that she doesn't look like a 'standard' lolita, and trying out different styles. She is such a caring person, and always friendly. 
We also share a same interest, BJD's ♥ 
And she is so creative, she made this outfit herself!

 3. Lady Ludivine

This is my favourite photo of her. She is a real creative person. She can sew the most beautiful dresses I have seen. The dress she is wearing in this photo is also made by her. She always look incredible, with the perfect make-up, hair and accesories, matching the outfit. 
A very kind and sweet person to know.

4. Linda

 It was hard to choose a photo of her, because she always look amazing. Such a talented person, who can sew everything. I always love her creations. She made two of my dresses, and the third is on his way. ♥ The outfit is this photo is made by her. She is a very skilled fashion designer. A sweet and kind girl to talk with, and fun to hang out with. 
Very inspiring to see how creative she is.

5. Josine

Amazingly kind and sweet girl ♥ She likes to creative and try out different styles combining lolita. Sharing the idea of trying out cyberlolita. Very fun to hang out with her. She has a lovely fashion taste and always looks pretty with her outfits. Always looking darling in gothic lolita. 
She has a lovely blog as well!
Her blog: Toothless Tigers

And here my international inspirations ♥

 6. mana_samatemple

A big inspiration! He is the only guy that I think looks amazing in lolita. 
(And Mana of course!)
It takes real courage to dress the way you want to dress. And being a guy wearing lolita, it takes alot of courage. I really admire him for that.♥ For not giving up what you love. 
He always look amazing. Perfect outfits, with matching accesories and make-up. 
He also has an amazing singing voice ^^

7. Ana

Probably the only sweet lolita who can pull it off to wear several facial piercings!
She is the perfect sweet lolita, she really is. ♥
Always looking amazing and different with every outfit she puts on. 
A kind and awesome person.
She just rocks!

8. Iiraliina 

My biggest inspiration at the moment is this wonderfull person. A very, very sweet,kind and caring person. ♥ I admire her style alot. She is the one that actually made me wear aristocrat. Her style is so elegant, serene and beautiful. Looking amazing in both aristocrat ánd lolita. I believe she can pull off everything. Another creative person as well. She can make clothing herself, and makes the most incredible hats! I must commision her someday~ 

Here is a video with her, wearing an amazing outfit.

And because I couldn't chose, here is another photo!
 Her blog: Rosa Nitida

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Awww, thank you very much for mentioning me! That's really a big compliment. ^^

    And the others are all lovely and beautiful people as well!

  2. all those people are so beautiful <3 really a great inspiration!

    Iiraliina is also a big inspiration for me (omg suprise >.<) her hair is always so amazing I hope to achieve that too some day! And I always said if I even try something new it would be gothic lolita but never sweet.

  3. Aaahw, dankjewel!^^ Dat is zo lief van je, en echt een motivatie om door te gaan!

    En alle anderen zijn ook zo mooi, Debbie, Linda en Iiralina zijn ook mijn grote inspiraties, en ook allemaal zulke leuke meiden!

    En jij bent ook een inspiratie voor me, mede goth loli<3

  4. OMGEEE~! You are so sweet! :'D I miss you and all the dutch girls so much!

  5. @Velvetbat: I always enjoy your blog and looking at your outfit shots, so please keep doing that!
    @Miradell: She really is ♥ You should definetely try out gothic for once, it would look smashing on you!
    @Josine: Ga vooral door! Je zei een keer dat je ook deathrock ourfits draagt, die zou ik graag eens willen zien ^^
    @Ana: We miss your awesomeness!!

  6. Bedankt voor je lieve reactie ^^
    Dat 2e plaatje is echt extreem haha, ik hou wel van extreem dus ik like um wel!