maandag 25 juli 2011


Here are my latest buyings of this week.
I went to the city to find myself a good pair of pants, for applying at jobs.
And I found a blue pair of jeans, and also a new bag. 
Because my current one isn't looking great anymore.

I dislike spending money on a pair of pants, I would prefer spending the money on something lolita related or dolls. It's a simple design, from H&M. It was a sale there, but of course, the pants that were in sale were no good for me.

I also bought a neckalce and facemask from H&M.
The facemask was a sugar scrub, and it smelled so sweet!
I was craving sweets when I wore it~♥
 And I like the necklace, I fell in love with it when I saw it, and wanted to have it.

Later on I went to the Claire's, and bought a pair of tights, socks and a new bag.
The tights and socks were €2,- each, so it didn't cost so much. 
But I dislike the socks already...
I love the tighs, and am even wearing it right now.

I like the design of this bag.

I also bought a pair of shoes, because I don't have a nice pair for lolita with heels.
I thought this was a nice pair. The heel is a bit too high for me, because I'm not used to it.
But I will wear it more often inside the house to get somewhat used to it, 
and then trying it out outside.
It's a simple design, so that I can combine with alot of outfits.

My next entry will (hopefully) be a outfit post again.
And tonight I will be going to a concert of Gackt.
I hope it will be alot of fun

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  1. I really like your purchases! I'm sure you look good with pant too :D you're so thin!

  2. I like your new shoes, really pretty!^^