zondag 24 juli 2011


So I still had a floating head, I got from Luts when my boyfriend ordered a doll for himself.
That doll is sold and no longer with us. But I still had the event head.
I love this head, those lips are so..nice! ♥

I felt creative and decided to try out making a face-up for it.
I think the head would make a perfect boy. 

Remember my little girl, Misery?
I loved the purple in her face-up, so I wanted to make something simulair like that, in black, for my boy.

face-up done by Snow
The event head~

Now let's get this thing started!

First things first, the sealing!
After that I applied some light blush on the face.

Than I sealed some more, and put on some make-up on the boy.
After that, the eyebrows!

I gave him a black star on his headcap.

And then..he started to cry, saying he wasn't finished..
He insisted on another star tattoo, in his face. *Drama queen*

☆ Blue star ☆
Here he is, with eyes~♥
 Damiën, my other BJD boy, has the same eyes, but reversed.

 I'm pretty satiesfied with the face-up. It was the first time I worked with Acryl paint.
This is not my first attempt at a face-up, that one failed big time!
This is the second time.
I tried to take the time for this one. Now I need to come up with a name.
But it's hard..Maybe Star, because of my love for stars, and due to his star face-up..
I don't know. Now he still needs a body of his own. His head can be on Damiëns head, but Damiën is white skin, and my floating head is normal/real skin. Oh well!
Another goal for saving money, besides my beloved lolita clothing~♥

I hope you still like it, even though I'm not good at face-ups.
But I think I did a good job, working with acrylpaint for the first time.
So, please bear with me!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ziet er mooi uit!
    Ik vind dat je het knap gedaan hebt hoor, face-ups maken is erg moeilijk!
    Ik vind het idee ook heel erg gaaf :D

  2. Ziet er goed uit ! Ik vind vooral het sterretje in z'n gezicht erg leuk <3

  3. @McDuff: I like it creepy ♥ No normal looking dolls for me!
    @Anne:Dank je wel, het is nu beter gelukt dan de eerste keer, omdat ik nu meer de tijd ervoor nam.
    @Velvet: Thank you dear, glad you like it ♥
    @Dieuwke: Dank je wel, ja ben dol op sterretjes! Moest uiteraard wel ene blauwe worden ^^

  4. hihi ik vind die poppen altijd zo eng hahha
    maar vind het wel tof als ik lees of hoor als iemand ze spaart. Ik vind ze wel mooi en een gaaf. Ik vind dat je het heel mooi gedaan hebt dat gezicht!