donderdag 1 september 2011

Green ruffles

Today I wore my green dress again, but this time the other way.
Because this is a 2-way dress, you can wear it all down, or pull the top layer of the skirt up.
Oh, and my blue nailpolish is so not matching!

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Gifs are fun!
Look how pretty it looks while wearing it like this!
What's a outfit post without posing with one of my teddybears?
My other gerbil, Mini~♥
Outfit Rundown:
Dress: Mirror (Commission)
Headdress: Mirror (Commission)
Blouse: H&M
Tights: Claire's
Shoes: Offbrand
Rings: H&M/Offbrand/gift ♥

So..I was thinking of trying out making a vlog.
But I'm extremely shy for the camera, because I dislike hearing my own voice.
I wanted to make a Q&A post, and I have some nice questions, but if you have some more, please feel free to ask! Or giving me some suggestions.
I should probably begin with introducing myself, since I only have outfit video's, without talking.
The reason why I want to do this is because I want to become more confident with myself.
That's also why I started to film my outfits in the first place.
Plus it may be a good excuse to practise my English pronouncing, because I suck at that!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I love how this dress suits you so well! I hope to see your first vlog asap :D

  2. What a nice dress! That colour is very beautiful! You commissioned it through Mirror? Is that someone on livejournal?

  3. oh and I loved to see a vlog ^^ Don't be shy! (your gerbil is cute!!)

  4. The dress is so gorgeous! And I didn't know you had a septum piercing too ^.^

  5. I'd love to see your vlog and it would also be nice to know a little more about you. ^^
    Oh and this outfit is beautiful. Dark green is a colour I'd probably never wear but I love it on others... and on you! ^^

  6. Thank you girls! ♥
    @Riechan:Not on LJ, here is her website:
    @The glass princess, thanks, and I have the septum piercing since last december ^^
    @Haru: Gosh, I feel way to shy to make a vlog, but I will try it out, and make some video's to see how it looks/sounds like.

  7. Oh my, this dress is so beautiful, and I love how you coordinated it *_*