vrijdag 2 september 2011

Seeing blue

 And here is yet again a outfit post. I think this skirt may be my favourite skirt...
I've been loving these tights alot lately!

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Outfit Rundown:
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: Alice and the Pirates
Tights: Ebay
Shoes: Moi-Même-Moitié
Hair accesories: H&M/ Bijoux Brigitte
Rings: H&M/Handmade/Action/Gift from bf~♥
Necklace: Offbrand
Wig: MintyMix

And the video~
I need to get over myself and try to talk in the camera, so I will start practice.
So weird~

 If I will start a vlog, what would you guys want to know?
I would have to start with making a introduction.
Anyway, I hope you all like this outfit!

Even though I already have posted a very simulair outfit like this:

I will be gone this weekend, because my boyfriend and I need to relax.
Things are getting pretty stressfull here and with work, so then you know it's time to leave things behind and try to relax a bit. We will stay the weekend at my grandma's.
And hopefully I will make some photo's of my stay there.
At least I have something to look forward to, finally riding on our motorcycle again ♥
And seeing my sweet grandma again, who will treat us with amazing food!
Gosh, I love food so much *nomnomnom*

And this monday I will have a job interview, wish me luck!
I'm so nervous for interviews, and always afraid people won't hire me because I tend to look nervous at these talks. I need this, because I want to move out of this madness!

And, I found a old interview back I did for Blikvoer on youtube, so you can hear me talk :p
It's in Dutch unfortunantly!
I was extremely shy back then, even worse than now.
And I didn't know I was going to be filmed in the first place, just an interview.
So I was a bit in shock when I saw the big camera. And you can see that I feel a bit uncomfortable. I was having some physical problems back then, which aren't over yet, but I'm doing alot better right now.

I looked it back yesterday, and I saw how much I changed since then!
This was filmed a year ago, and I'm wearing my very first wig there, because I had really short hair. I didn't owned alot of brand like I do now, instead I mostly owned commisions and Bodyline! I didn't used alot of make-up,fakelashes or (hair)accesories. You can see how much I have growned, and I'm really trying to have a own style. Not sure if I do have my own style, but I like to think that ^^

In the video you will see me, and another Dutch lolita.
Who speaks mostly, because I couldn't properly talk due to my nervousness xD
I really need to gain more confidence..

Wow, I actually have a longer post this time, but I suppose it's compensation for my lack of posting this upcoming weekend.

I hope you all will have a wonderfull weekend. And thank you all for reading my blog and follow me. I appreciate it alot ♥ And a special thanks for all the people who leave sweet comments for me to read. I love you girls!! You make me feel loved, and inspire me to do my best and keep on posting!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the outfit, blue suits you so well! :)
    And I hope you will have a relaxing weekend so you can be well rested for your job interview~ Good luck!

    And I don't think I have any tips for vlogs, they're so akward to make! :') Maybe you could talk a bit about your outfit and what you love about it? Just be yourself and I'm sure it will work out! :)

  2. I love how you coordinated this skirt with a lot of white, so nice combo! You look gorgeous as always ♥ Blue is your color!

  3. Leuk outfit weer! :D

    En voor de rest succes met je vlog. Ik vind vlogs altijd erg leuk om te zien, maar helaas heb ik geen tips echt voor je qua onderwerpen enzo. :p

    Je bent zeker veranderd in vergelijking met vorig jaar. Maar wel op een goeie manier gelukkig! :D En ik vind eigenlijk best wel dat je een eigen stijl hebt qua lolita.

    Oja, en succes met je job interview! :D

  4. Mooie outfit!
    Heel erg leuk dat wit en blauw bij elkaar. ^^

    Erg leuk dat je een vlog wil gaan maken, ik ben erg benieuwd! Succes, het gaat je vast wel lukken. :D

    Ook heel veel succes met je job interview en veel plezier dit weekend!

  5. Blue really suits you. You have made a lovely coordinate <3

    Good luck with your job interview. You're such a lovely girl. You can do this !

    I'm curious to you vlog. Maybe you can look to other vlogs to get some inspiration for your own one ?

  6. I love your gifs and videos. ^^ Your style is amazing, it's really something you can be proud of, something you can build your confidence on. ^^
    I hope you'll have a good rest and pass the interview. Good luck! :3

  7. Wauw je ziet er echt prachtig uit!
    Alles is zo mooi gecombineerd, echt wauuw haha
    en je haar <33
    Heel gaaf! :D


  8. @Rox: Thank you, blue is my favourite color ^^
    I will try it out!
    @Hyrule: Thank you so much dear ♥
    @Velvet: Haha ja je kan wel zien dat ik veranderd ben, wel leuk om te zien ^En dank je wel, ik hoop dat ik aangenomen word!
    @Anne: Dank je wel! En mijn weekend was leuk, hoop de jouwe ook!
    @Dieuwke: Goed idee, ik ga eens bij andere lolita vlogs kijken voor inspiratie ^^ En dank je wel!
    @Haru:Thank you so much sweetie! ♥ I will do my best!
    @Jenny: Dank je wel, ben blij dat je het leuk vind!

  9. Je outfit is echt prachtig ^^.

    Ik hoop dat je een relax weekend heb gehad. En dat je sollicitatie gesprek goed verliep ^^.

    En vlog is een leuk idee! Het is misschien een leuk idee om iets te vertellen over je outfits. Of je filmt wat je allemaal beleeft. Er zijn echt veel ideeën wat je allemaal kan doen ^^.