zondag 30 oktober 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone
I didn' do anything special for halloween, besides going to Disney, no Halloween parties.
But yesterday Martin and I went to the cinema, and watched Paranormal Activity 3. I was more in shock because of the person sitting next to me, saying "What was that??!"or just was being scared most of the time :p
It was nice to watch, and afterwards we went for something to eat.

This was my outfit for the day. I wanted to wear these tights again, and thought it would be fun to wear my white lenses again. Since it's Halloween, it wouldn't be a problem.
But I must confess it felt a bit weird, but also funny to walk around the city and at the cinema with the lenses :p All the looks of everyone! When I got home afterwards and was standing in the hall without any lights on, I looked in the mirror and saw myself, and was shocked a bit. I forgot I wore the lenses!
How silly must I be, to shock myself haha xD

I hope you all had a nice and fun Halloween!

Have a terribly photoshopped photo! xD

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy halloween dear ♥ I'm glad you had fun at the cinema! ahah your white lenses are perfect for the event XD

  2. Happy Halloween!
    Leuke outfit is dat en die lenzen zijn ook erg gaaf. :D
    Ik zie die gezichten van de mensen al voor me.
    Achja voor halloween mogen zo'n lenzen wel, het is tenslotte maar een keer per jaar halloween!

  3. Happy Halloween!!

    White lenses are my favourites ^^