zondag 16 oktober 2011


I made some photo's of some of my dolls, and I will be posting a few.
Today, it's time for Marcus. Marcus is a Luts Kid Delf Bory.
He is not finished at all, he needs a black wig. The wig he is wearing now came with him when I bought him second hand. Only the blue eyes will stay, and the blue necklace and bracelets. I am such a sucker for blue eyes, it's my favourite color ♥ The caracter I have in mind for him is a fallen angel, which cannot be seen by living human beings.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. He is so cute! I like the idea of fallen angel <3

  2. I really love his eyes. They are sooo blue.

  3. Really cute! I actually like the gray wig but I'm curious to see how he will look with a black wig :)

  4. Yes, I love blue eyes, so it was a easy choice!
    And thank you!