vrijdag 14 oktober 2011


I had ordered something nice for Mini, and a couple of day it arrived.
Some hay and food. I as too excited when it arrived and had cut the parcel, but also the package of the hay. Oops!

It was also time to clean the room again.
This is my nightstand, with too much stuff on it.
Some candles, my contactlenses, a bear mug with hearts in it, two bears, a budha, lamp on the far right, my glasses, Vaseline (I use it for my lips when they get dry), and balm for the muscles.

I just bought this fake fur shawl,. I love the color, and it's from H&M.
Now I need more brown in my wardrobe
And I still need to think of a nice outfit to coordinate this dress with!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the fake fur shawl! I hope to see you in brown asap :D

  2. jaaaa die wil ik ook, maar dan in die roodsigere kleur, omdat ik denk dat die beter staat bij die jurk van de EFF XD haha

  3. Lovely fake fur shawl. I think I'm going to take a look in the local H&M for this one <3
    It's lovely for a winter loli look. I'm looking forward to see a coord with the shawl !

  4. Yes, they had 3 different colors of the fake fur shawl, and it was hard for me to choose between 2 colors :p

  5. I need to go shopping soon! I would love to have that fake fur shawl, I already have one in black but I can never have enough.