dinsdag 11 oktober 2011


Time for a post about my recent purchases.

I just couldn't resist of buying these little wooden stars! They make a nice decoration, and I also bought the little glass pot. I have several glass pots like these, but those are filled with beads haha.

Next up is a black skirt with bow, from H&M. It was in the sale, for only €10,-!
So I had to buy it. It has the perfect length for lolita, and you can wear it with a petticoat.

Some other random things, for a little project, except for the notebook.
I will use the notebook as some sort of diary, because I feel the need to express myself.
And this might be the only way for me.

Cute bear stationary! It's almost too cute to use!

Also these hairclip from H&M. I already have those in black and cream. But this is such a lovely color, and I'm sure I will need it someday. I just couldn't leave them there ^^

5 opmerkingen:

  1. The roses are really pretty :) (i just start to following you, i really love your style)

  2. You have bought nice stuff. The skirt and the roses are so lovely !

  3. Black bow skirt, I have it also for work and it's really great how much space it has for a petti :)

    It reminds me of an IW design, so simple but cute^^

  4. Thanks girls!
    @Josine: It also reminded me of a IW skirt, that looks a bit simulair ^^