vrijdag 4 november 2011

Disney, day 2

The next day we went to Disney Studio's!
We came across a group of other Dutch people, who asked if someone of us could take a picture of them. So, in return we also wanted a picture of our group taken. This is the entire group!

Photo's posted without my name on it are taken by someone else of the group.
Martin, me, Marloes, Sebastiaan, Linda, Anne, Joze and Fania.
Today I decided to wear 'normal' clothing, because the weather forecast said it would rain alot that day. And I don't want any prints to bleed due to the rain!

Outfit Rundown:
Turtleneck shirt: H&M
Knitted dress: C&A
Halloween tights: Xenos
Ponpon legwarmers: Action
Shoes: Adidas
Coat: H&M
Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.
Mickey ears: Disney ;)
Ring: Bijoux Brigitte

This was the  knitted dress I wore, which you could already see in my last halloween post.

And, my amazing ring with 3 stars. I absolutely love it to pieces already!

Walt Disney Studio's is also alot of fun. I had never been there before, only to the other park.

Pretty statue ^^
I totally photobombed this photo xD

Then we went inside the hall of the studio's, and it looked like we were walking outside at night in there!

Inside the studio
Then some others took some photo's of this little cabin thing, with the text 'Glamour shots' on top of it'. I didn't felt the need to do so as well, so I just sat at a bench.

After some insisting I gave in, and also took a shot there :p

Checking out the photo :p
And then..we went to the Tower of Terror!
I absolutely loved it! The location, atmosphere and people of Disney looked amazing, and they were in their role perfectly, of creepy bellboys!

The front, with me on it, without realizing I was also on it xD
The side, taken from the waiting line of another attraction
After this we went to the Aerosmith rollercoaster. It went so fast, I loved it. But I also loved the fact you can hear their music during the ride, so nice! "..walk this way.." ♥

Vehicle of Armageddon
If you hold the umbrella it starts to rain!
Looks like we were completely somewhere else!
The Kool Zone :p
 Then we landed in the Toy Story area ♥ I felt like a little kid again when I saw it!

Knexx fence!
Parachute dropping with the soldiers!
Slinky! This was also a ride.
The end of the Toy Story area
And then, all of a sudden it got dark! I can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun! For dinner we ate burgers/hotdog with fries at Annette's diner, in the Disney Village. it was alot!

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  1. Comfy outfit is always perfect for a rainy day :D I love this post full of pics, I saw you had a lot of fun ♥♥♥

  2. Supercute post!<3 Het is super om zoveel leuke vakantiefoto's te zien!

  3. Leuke post ^^ Altijd leuk om iemands vakantiefoto's te zien.
    En die ring... die is zo leuk. I want it too XD

  4. Funny pictures <3
    Disney Land is like a dream on reality ^^