zondag 6 november 2011

Disney, day 3

This day we were really tired, because we all went to bed very late, and got up really early, at 6.30am. Because it's really crowded when getting breakfast at the hotel we wanted to go there early, around 7.30am. This day we would all wear lolita.♥ So, I wore my Fantastic Dolly dress for the occasion. After our breakfast we went back to our rooms, to brush our teeth and such, and get ready to go to the park.

Right behind Aurora's pink castle you can try to pull out the sword. 
Of course, nobody was lucky enough :p

And what's lolita without a bit of Alice in wonderland?
We didn't go into the labyrinth of Alice yet, we just made a few fun photo's of the front.

Maybe you want some tea? I like mine sweet, with lots of sugar!

Later on, we went to Princess pavilion, where you can meet one of the Disney princesses!
But, it was so crowded, I think we waited for it forever..

But, finally, it was our time..and we met princes Jasmine.

After that some of us wanted to have the candy apple on a stick. I really wanted, because the last time I was at Disney (8 years ago), I didn't bought it, and regretted it ever since. So, this was my chance!

Then, we went to the haunted mansion, because that's where Jack and Sally would be!
When we got there they weren't there yet, but it got crowded as soon as they arrived.
My friends were in line for them for photo's, but I also saw Jafar walking there, so I went to him instead. And then I got hypnotised by him haha!

And after that I was lucky enough to be on the photo with Jack as well. ^^

And, because we're lucky like that, I also managed to sneak up on a photo with the queen of hearts.

And, with Dr. Facilier, from Princess and the frog, with a great facial expression.

But, we did went to Alice's labyrinth. I could only take a few more pics there, and then my battery died, How stupid of me, to forgot to recharge the battery before going away for a few days!

And that was it. We also filmed very little, maybe I can squeeze it into a short clip.
Like I said in my first Disney post, it was amazing. 
We had a very fun group to be with, and it was organised by our friend, who did an amazing job.
Everything went well with the travelling, the hotel checkings, breakfast and parc entries.

I hope you all liked to read about it. If there would be something you want to know, feel free to ask ^^

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  1. I'm glad to see you again in sweet! you look so cute ♥♥♥

  2. God I wish I could be there! :O You look beautiful :D

  3. hmm je zou een goede jasmine zijn XD