donderdag 17 november 2011

Winter Efteling, part 1

I went to the themepark called the 'Efteling' again. We didn't really felt like going, but we had some tickets for it, that were about to expire, so, we needed to go. We just had to :p

And in this time of the year, it's called winter Efteling, so there are some campfires as well in the park. And you can also go for ice skating if you want. Everything was decorated for the winter season, which I think is lovely. Fake snow everywhere!

Inside this huge tent you can go ice skating~
'Vogel Rok' a rollercoaster in the dark.
Hihi, leopard print trolley at the right!

There were some clocks hanging in the trees!♥

 And a few photo's of the scenary of the Flying Dutchman attraction.

Photo's like these brings me a little bit into christmas spirit~♥

 I have to split this post up, otherwise it would be a big photo post!

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