vrijdag 18 november 2011

Winter Efteling, part 2

Second part of my Efteling post.
Here are some photo's I made in the fairytale forest!

The first fairytale we saw was Sleeping beauty.

The way I looked that day. This is how I look when I don't put any effort in my looks.
I was really tired, because I didn't slept well the night before.
So, normal clothing, no make-up, nothing fancy :p

Sleeping beauty! I think it's almost impossible to take a photo of this, because I always manage to see myself in the reflection haha!

Langnek 'long neck'. Can't really remember this fairytale though...
 Everywhere you walk in this forest you will find these mushrooms, and if you stand close enough you will hear music coming out of it. This one looked very small and low, so I decided to sit on it. Turns out I couldn't touch the ground when I sat on it!
So my boyfriend laughed at me :p

It's kind of tradition to do so I believe. Everyone does it. I have done it since I was a little kid. I think most of the poeple who go here will do the same.

Sometimes I can't believe how wonderfull the fairytale forest looks like. I don't think everyone who visits it sees all the hidden beauty~♥

Red riding hood. And she is wearing the traditional Dutch 'Klompen', or wooden shoes in English.  But what's wrong with her ankle??

And then..we went to the troll king!

I can't believe it, I took much more photo's than expected. So, there will be a part 3.
But that will be the last part!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm in love with the sleeping beauty set ♥

  2. The efteling is always so nice!
    It's fun to see pictures from it, it's my favorite theme parc. ^^

  3. I thought Langnek's story was one with 7 'dienaars' from a king. One had big ears so he could hear very good, big feet, great eyes, great belly, ... and Long neck had a long neck, lol :D I believe it was him who saved the day :D