zondag 1 januari 2012

2011 and new resolutions


January - Found my dream shoes.
February -Busy with work.
March - Got a collapsed lung again and had lung surgery.
April - Lost my job thanks to the economy.
May - Recieved two amazing skirts that were on my wishlist, and met a friend who I haven't seen for more than a year.
June - Got my ultimate dreamdress ever! ♥
July - Participated a lolita fashion show.
August - Amazing meet-ups!
September - Bought a dress which I thought was impossible.
October - Had my first real shoot with an amazing model.♥ Met some great people.
November - Another great shoot happened.
December - Finished our lolita magazine, celebrated me and my boyfriends 5th year anniversary.

2011 was alright, but not great. Had trouble with my health for several times. I also lost my job, which sucks because I really enjoyed the place where I worked, for the first time. Also got bad news a few times. But, I also had good days! I have got a few dream items this last year. ♥ My lovely Moitié shoes, the Moitié Cathedral dress and Moitié's St. Peters Cross Lace OP. I also as lucky enough to find two skirts from my wishlist, the Aatp Vampire Reqiuem skirt, and the Aatp Beauty and the rose promise skirt.

I have met some great people this last year, and did some things I have never thought I would be doing. And this has gaven me lots of new opportunities. I might will tell about this, but I'm not sure if it's wise to share it with you all. ^^ I also modeled at a lolita fashion show, which was amazing. It really helped me with becoming more open. And I enjoyed all the meet-ups I went to this year, because I love to see my sweet and dear friends ♥

Resolutions for 2012

* Photography
I want to explore more things with photgraphy. And I also want to practise alot more than I did last year. Arrange photoshoots and find lovely models to work with. I want to improve, and I know I still have a long way to go. But, as long as you want something, you should make it happen! And, I also should invest in some photography equipement.

* Excersice
I need to excersice more, because I want to get in shape. I really don't mind that I have gained extra kilo's, but I really look out of shape. Luckily nobody can really see it when I'm wearing lolita. I'm going to focus on my waist and stomache. And next to that try to gain some muscle on my arms.

* Improve
I want to improve my lolita outfits, and become more creative with coordinating an outfit. Because I know I will probably not going to buy alot of new items at the moment, I need to think of new ways of wearing the pieces I already own. And also improving my make-up and hair/wig.

* Living space
I really hope we will find a place of our own this year.  We have been looking for something for a long time already, but luck just isn't on our side this far.

* Become healthy
I really need to eat more healthier. I just love food too much, but not everything is healthy. Perhaps also cutting down with the sweets and snacks. I really don't need to gain any more weight. And, I hope I won't have to go to the hospital this year. I feel so unlucky at certain times, when I feel those horrible pains in my lungs, knowing I can't do much about it, until I really have to go to the hospital when it gets worse. I need to take more time with certain things, but I know myself too well. I always push myself until I can't go on anymore.

* Blog/Video
I really hope everyone enjoys my blog and like to read/see it. I will try to make it more fun and such, and just to maintain it. And I will do my best to make more video's to show you all. Of course the outfit video's, but I also still want to try to post other things. Making a vlog. And just fun video's! I already have a few things in mind for both blog and video, but you will see in time I suppose.

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  1. I wish you luck with all you goal for the new year! Collapsed lung and surgery sounds so scary! But hopefully after a bad year there can only be a better one ♥

  2. Cool resolutions! For healthy food I'd recommend looking into more vegetarian options. Cutting out animal products does wonders for your health.

  3. I really like your resolutions! Good luck for everything dear ♥♥♥♥ I hope you'll have a best year!

  4. @Zeruda: Thank you so much!

    @Ana: Yes, I really want to eat less meat, and I'm already trying, even though it's not always possible for me to do so here.

    @Federica: Thank you dear, I hope the same for you ♥

  5. Good luck with all your resolutions for 2012! They sound really good! And some are on my list as well. :p Like the improve lolita coords, get healthy/excersize and improve photography (doll photography for me then).

    And I am looking forward to your new videos and vlog! ^^