woensdag 4 januari 2012


So, christmas days are over. I hope everyone had a lovely time, spending it with family or someone you love. I had a nice time. The first day we spend it with my parents. We had such delicious food ♥
I also got a homemade scarf and hat from my mum, and also the same ones in a small size, for one doll of mine. How cool is that? From my boyfriend I got concert tickets to see Tarja Turunen (Ex. Nightwish). And I thought it was one of the best gifts I ever had. I really wanted to see her for a long time. Now I just have to wait  ♥ 
For the second day we went out for dinner with my boyfriends family, and it was nice to see them again.  For the rest, I haven't made photo's of these days, but I wore my green dress on the first day, and a regular dress on the second. 

My scarf and hat
Scarf and hat, doll size ♥
Our christmas tree 

And  all the cards that I got.Thank you so much

3 opmerkingen:

  1. That's an amaaaazing amount of cards you have there! ^^ do most dutch make their own holiday cards?

  2. I'm not sure actually. I do make mine myself, and I also give premade cards. I think most of the people give cards bought from the store.

    And it's alot of cards, yes ♥ It was difficult to find a place to put all of them!

  3. so many cards! Mine is so visible ahah I'm so glad you like it ♥♥♥