maandag 23 januari 2012


I recently bought 2 new nailpolishes from Essence. A new one, called Crystalliced, and a glitter topper. Normally I don't write any nailpolish reviews, but I thought, why not?
Even though I'm not a nailpolish expert or anything..

As soon as I got home I wanted to try this color. It made me curious.
How will it look on me?


One layer of the nailpolish is not enough, because it's very, very thin, as you can see. It doesn't cover at all.

 I needed 3 layers for a nice coverage.

 I like this color, even though I'm not used to such light color to wear.
So, I used the glitter topper on top of it!

I like it alot more like this. The glitters are silver, and I think it suits this color of nailpolish.

 On top of that I used a top coat.

These nailpolishes from Essence costed €1,79, which is not much. And for this price I am satisfied with the (end) result. I didn't like it that it doesn't cover, until you have 3 layers. But after the 3 layers of nailpolish it looks good. And the glitter is always good. I love glitters!

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