vrijdag 20 januari 2012

Reflection screen

Recently I bought a reflection screen at Cameraland. I have been wanting one for several years, but never thought I should buy one because I wasn't good enough. But, I took the step to finally buy one!

Shipping was very fast, I recieved the screen the very next day, after ordering it.

It was packed very well, as you can see. The screen was in between the cardboard.
The screen came in a little bag, which is very handy. You can carry it with you just like that.


On to the screen!
I ordered the screen with 2 sides, a silver side and golden side.
This is how it looks like when it's folded up.

Let's open it!

It's such a big screen! Let's compare sizes with my little Marcus for fun.
Marcus is 41cm high. The screen is 80cm.

I think the price is right. It didn't cost me that much. It has cost me €23,95. I didn't had to pay any shipping. This is a small investment, which will help alot when you need it.

It was a little bit difficult to fold it back, but after a few tries I got it. 
The screen is pretty big, and it has a handle, so it's easier to hold it. They said you can also use it yourself without the help of an assistent. But  I think it won't be that easy to use then. I think an assistent will help alot. 

I had used the screen in my room, and really, I could see parts of my room where normally no light ever goes. So, I think it will work. All that there is left is to use it outside!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oeeh dat ziet er vet uit! Ik ben benieuwd wat je er mee gaat doen :D Wat is het precieze verschil tussen de zilveren en de gouden kant? ^^ Geeft de gouden kant een zachter licht?

  2. Goud is voor een meer warm beeld, zilver geeft een meer koud effect. Ik hoop dit snel uit te proberen, en kijken naar het verschil. ^^