vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Mobile snapshot #1

I think I will post some of my mobile snapshots every once and a while, just for fun.
I always make lots of photo's with my phone haha..Addicted to capturing everything, no matter what. Might be fun..Who knows..

These 3 snapshots are made on the day of Summer Darkness. A friend and I slept are a friends house, Miradell, so we could go to the Summer Darkness festival for 2 days, and didn't had to travel so far.
The first two are made in Miradells room. You can see a little bit of her gorgeos handmade dress

My little bear, Binky, and a trolling Miradell
Binky and Hello Kitty. HK is from Poezzie. And the hands you see are from Miradell.
Also, my Moitié socks, and a piece of paper with  phone number on it.

Right before the fashion show.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. It's a good idea to post mobile snapshots! I love the last picture ♥

  2. i love phone pictures! the last picture is s lovely, that headdress <3

  3. Yes, I thought it would be a nice idea! I have tons of phone photo's :p