maandag 27 februari 2012

Tarja Turunen

So, I went to the concert of Tarja on tuesday. I was with my boyfriend, and my dear friend and his wife. We first meet up, and grabbed something to eat at KFC. I just love the hot wings there ^^

After that we went to the Effenaar, to stand in line to get in around 18.00hours. When the doors opened around 19.00hours there was a huge waiting line behind us, and I felt glad we stood there in time.

We had a pretty good spot inside actually! I think we stood in like the 5th row from the front. I did had two larger guys in front of me, but they moved every now and then, and I could see way better. I also wore my high heels and my Silent Moon outfit. If you ever want to dress in lolita and go to a concert, Tarja would be the best concert to do so. No pushing or moshpits, just great! But, I still wouldn't recommend wearing lolita to a concert, or atleast for me. After a while it gets pretty warm in there, and people start to sweat, no not a good choice..I won't wear lolita at a concert again I think.. When looking back at previous concerts I went to, I would never find the possibility to wear lolita. Just imagine going to a Korn concert, or a Marilyn Manson concert..No way it would be safe for your lolita outfit, and wearing high heels. There were moshpits there everywheren, and you weren't even safe with great shoes the beer that was everywehere as well..

Alright, back to the concert!

Before Tarja came on the stage there were 2 support acts. The first was Hannibal, and I didn't really liked them, just like many, many others of the crowd. Their last song was 'Du Hast' from Rammstein, so everyone sang along with that one. After that the second support act came, and they were better. They were called 'Benighted Soul'/ Their female lead singer was very energetic, and pretty good. But, I was there for Tarja, so I hoped to see her soon.

Benighted Soul - Start from scratch

Then, the crew of the concert hall hanged a big flag right in front of the stage, with Tarja's face on it. When the band came on stage, we knew it would be very, very soon that we would see Tarja, finally, after all these years I have been a Nightwish fan and a Tarja fan. Actually, I have been a fan of her and Nightwish for almost 9 years!

Tarja opened with the song 'Anteroom of Death', wearing a incredible looking mask, and a entire black outfit. At the end of this song the curtain flag came down and she took of her mask, so you could see her more clearly, and at that exact moment I got goosebumps!

Here is her opening song:

Some other songs she sang are 'Until my last breath', 'Little Lies', 'I walk Alone' and 'Ciarans Well'. She also played a new song, that will be on her upcoming album, of which she still needs to work on to finish it, called 'Into the sun'. That song was just wonderfull!!

She also sang a few Nightwish songs, such as 'Over the hills', and on the end she sang 'Phantom of the opera', being the second last song of the concert.
I was very pleased with that, because it's also one of my favourite songs, and I have never hoped she would sing that. So, it was a incredible surprise for me.

Over the hills and far away, a Nightwish song.

 I walk alone

She did a medley with parts of: "Rivers of Lust", "Minor Heaven", "Montanas de Silencio", "Sing For Me" and "I Feel Immortal". With 'Sing for me' being one of my favourite songs of her.

Tarja Turunen and band performing "Phantom Of The Opera" together with Alex Balakakis from 'Hannibal'.

So, it was a incredible and magical evening, and definitely worth the wait, to finally see her perform live. I will never forget this, just thinking about it makes me feel a little bit emotional,because it ment alot to me to see her. She was very energetic and laughing alot. So you could see she really enjoyed to perform. She was so positive, and when she thanked everyone for being a fan of her and supporting her for all these years you could see alot of people got emotional, me included. Such a touching moment! And this was the best gift I have ever got in my life. Thank you Martin, for this wonderfull gift, and also thank you for my friend for being there as well!

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  1. I am glad that you had such a wonderful evening! ^_^

  2. I'm so glad to read you had a wonderful evening!<3