maandag 5 maart 2012

Last weekend

I'm sorry for not blogging earlier but I just couldn't bring myself to do so..
And right know I feel pretty sick, with having a terrible cold, sore throat, headache and earache. And I also have alot of muscle ache and so on from last weekends party.

I did had a wonderfull time last weekend, so it's such a pity I don't feel so well right after it. Last saterday I travelled to Mönchengladbach, in Germany, to visit a good friend of mine. After a while we got hungry and ate some döner. Really, I'm always eating and making snapshot of food. people that know me well know that I love food (and being hungry most of the time haha).

Food picture!

Later that day we drove all the way from Germany to Belgium, because we were invited for a birthday party. And that was just fun! There was cake and cupcakes everywhere! Yummy yummy! And then we spend the night there, but I didn't catched any sleep at all. So you can imagine I felt really tired the next day.

On the next day we went to a old deserted hospital and took several photo's. I didn't brought my camera along, because I already had alot of stuff with me. So, I only have a few mobile snapshots. It was really cool to be there! I absolutely love abonded locations, the atmosphere is so different ^^

That bed was still electronically working!
And sunday afternoon we left and my friend brought me home. It was a very, very fun weekend. And now I need to get better soon, because the upcoming weekend is all planned for other fun things!

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  1. I was just thinking of you ^^ What was that gold and silver thing called you use to reflect light when taking pictures? I can't remember >.< It's hard to find old entries in your blog :(

  2. I'm glad you are ok, I'm sad for your health problems :(!
    The food looks delicious, I love so much food pictures ahah and I really like the hospital location, it's so creepy!

  3. @Zeruda: You mean the reflection screen? I wrote about it here:

    @Federica: Yes, that's also why I love it, because it can also look creepy! And thank you, I hope to get well soon :)

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Hope you feel better soon!<3

  5. wow, im so envious, sounds like such a great weekend! abandoned places and cupcakes, lovely! i want to go too! <3 haha

  6. I wish you get well soon.

    The hospital looks really scary but atractive ^_-

  7. i love abandoned places since i did a shoot at an abandoned mental hospital! scary but so fun!

  8. Sounds like a very good weekend! And I hope you get well soon!

  9. Sounds like a wonderfull weekend! I really hope you get better soon <3

  10. wauw wat een super gave plek dat verlate ziekenhuis! in duitsland en belgie heb je zulke gave plekken! ik zou daar echt foto's willen maken! misschien een idee voor deze zomer :O


  11. Abandoned places are just wonderfull, en in Belgium you have many lovely places like that. It's just wonderfull to be there ^^ And thank you all, I'm feeling better than I used to ♥