woensdag 20 juni 2012

Dreamy Summer Days

Last weekend there was a meet-up by Fly Away Fashion, a dutch lolita store with their own handmade clothing, and other lolita items. The meet-up had a theme, and it was 'Dreamy Summer Days'. With dreamy, and summer I always think of flowers. And somehow also of princeses/princes and fairytales. I was in the mood to wear something black, so I decided to wear my Moitié's St. Peters. Cross Lace OP, and also to wear a crown.

Alot of people came to the meet-up, even more than I thought, and everyone looked lovely ♥ There was a photographer present who made several snapshots of the entire meet-up, and also a groupphoto. Some friends of mine also made photo's, and I also had my camera with me. I didn't made a photo of myself that day, but luckily a friend did, so that I can show you all my outfit.

At first we all had to gather at the location around 13:00hrs, and we were sitting outside in the warm sun. I'm happy the weather was so nice! We had to pay 5,- entrance  fee, so that we could drink and eat the enire day there. The food was delicous, especially the cupcakes! Later on we went inside, and upstairs to the bar, and there was a presentation of the newest collection of Fly Away Fashion. There was also a lottery later that day, and everyone had a ticket to have a chance of winning. There were 6 prices. I thought I would never win something, so during the lottery I was trolling around that I should win first prize because I was the prince of all lolita's there (because of my crown). And than, to my big surprise, I actually did won first prize! I won a highwaist skirt of the newest collection (the print is lovely) ♥ What a lovely surprise, and also a very sweet thing of the two hostladies of Fly Away Fashion, to have a lottery in the first place. Thank you!!

After the meet-up a few ladies and I went to Utrecht for some dinner. We ended up at McDonalds! Which is funny, because a week earlier me and my boyfriend agreed on not going there anymore, only if we didn't had a choice (at a meet-up or such). So, I made a photo of my fastfood and texted it to him, ha!

After dinner we went back to the train station, and went home. It was such a lovely day, and I'm happy I went there. Great to have seen friends of mine, and to meet new people as well. ♥

 None of these photo's are mine!
(Except the very last 2, with my name on it)

Can you find me? I'm the one with the crown and awkward smile xD
I'm in the middle, standing in between these two beauties
Groupshot! I'm at the far right, in the black corner!
Outfit Rundown:
Dress: Moi-Même-Moitié
Socks: Moi-Même-Moitié
Shoes: Moi-Même-Moitié
Tights: Gift
Hair accesories: H&M / Claire's
Necklace: Gift
Rings: SIX / Action

And I bought a pair of lovely tights.
Can't wait to use them, and to think of a nice outfit combination with it! ♥

Flyer of the store, my customer card and my necklace that I wore that day to make the picture a bit more fancy :p

16 opmerkingen:

  1. You all look so great ♥ I'm so glad you had a great day

  2. Aww so many pretty lolitas! It seems like you had a great time! Love the necklace. <3

  3. Congatz on winning the lottery!

    You absolutely looked wonderfull at the meeting, and it was nice to see you again <3

    1. It was also nice to have seen you, that new dress looked great on you ♥ And thank you, I can't believe I won!

  4. You looked really beautiful and congrats with winning the skirt! :D The print is really lovely, so I am looking forward of pictures of you wearing the skirt once it is finished! ^^

    1. Thank you dear, and you looked amazing, especially with your hair ♥

  5. Cool!!! The girls were so beautiful!
    Great purchases, I love the tights!

  6. I wanted to go :( But I had to study..
    It looks like everyone had a great day!
    And congratulations on winning the skirt :)

    And those tights are lovely, where did you buy them?

    1. Such a pity you had to study!
      I bought the tight there, from Fly Away Fashion ^^

  7. You looked so pretty!
    That dress suits you so well and I really like the crown ^.^
    Hahaha, the first photo, my smile is more awkward than yours xD

    And congrats on winning, do you know which colorway you want? I kind of curious about that! I'm sure it will look great on you!

    1. I want the black colorway ^^ And thank you ♥
      Haha that photo is just silly :p

  8. you look very very pretty and I love all your outfits! Great!!! xoxox!