zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Dreamdress + update

I haven't been able to give you all a proper blogupdate, sorry!
I have been working all week, and didn't had the energy to write something.

But, I want to let you all know about my latest purchases ♥ 

Angelic Pretty's Star Night Theater OP, headbow, bangle and cardigan ♥ 
I was actually looking for the blue version, but it's impossible to find. But, I also like the black version alot, so I felt very lucky when a girl offered this set to me! It was my ultimate AP dreamdress! She will send it out to me on monday, so I hope to have the parcel next weekend ♥ 
I'm still looking for the blue version *determined* so if anybody sees a sales post with the blue version, please let me know, I would love you forever!

Last weekend I met up with a online friend for the first time. She is a MtF transgender, so it was nice to talk about trans related subjects. We had a wonderfull time with shopping and I have bought several dvd's. I just love movies ♥ For the occasion I threw my hair up in the air again!
And yes, I also wore my Glitterhell sweater again, I'm in love with the print and it feels so comfy~
(Wouldn't wear it today though, since the weather is so warm now).

I bought these dvd's for cheap!
Sleeping Beauty €8,- / Monster €1,- / The Sound of thunder €1,- / Hellraiser was €5,-

And yesterday I went to the city with my boyfriend, and I found a new pair of black pants. I'm so excited about it  because I bought it from the men's department. How silly am I? My first pair of long, male trousers. I also bought a comicbook at our local comic store, and one of the employees is a friend of mine, and I haven't seen him since my coming out. He went to me and said he was happy for me, and that things will still be the same as before. We talked a little bit and than we went home afterwards. I still can't believe how lucky I am, with all my friends, boyfriend and family being so positive about it, and supporting me. Thank you so much everyone ♥ And, yesterday my boyfriend sais I was looking more like a guy, so I'm very happy about it, because I still think I'm not passing. But I do have some days where I think I look like a guy, but not always. Looks like I'm heading the right way?

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  1. I would say from your pictures that you are passing easily!
    And I am so happy for you that you have all those supportive boyfriend, friends and family! ^^

    And you are so lucky to find your dreamdress! It is indeed a very beautiful print, personally I love the black version the most. ^^ So I can't wait to see pictures of you wearing it! And I am happy for you that you've found it!

    And about the trousers, did they fit well? Or do you have to adjust it a little bit?
    (because I have the trouble that my hips are quite big in comparison to my waist, so size S don't usually fit my hips and size M is waaaay to big for my waist...)

    And also nice to read that you had a good day with the MtF transgender! I can imagine that it is nice to talk about transgender subjects with someone in real life.

    1. For me it's more difficult finding trousers that aren't too long! I bought mine at H&M, and this pair was a size 28 (and my short pair of trousers was a size 30, lol) which fits me pretty well. It sits more tights at the hip area, but not too tight luckily ^^

      And thank you! I just love that print in general, and blue and black were my favourites. I really don't like the pink version, and the red one is just too red :p I can't wait for it to arrive so that I can try it on.

      And thank you so much! I'm always very happy to hear if I'm passing, especially on days when I think I'm not. And you look amazing, also passing as a guy! I always loved guys with long hair, and you can pull that off very well ♥ And our friends are the best, with their open minds! I feel like our lolita community is the best :D

    2. Good to hear that the pants are not too tight at the tights/hips. I haven't tried on pants in normal stores (so far I have only been comparing pants from online stores, by their size charts), but I might try it out then. Though I am afraid my hips are bigger then yours. :/

      I actually like the Starry Night Theather in all different colours, but then on other people. The black one would be the only one I'd wear myself - if I decide to continue to wear lolita and get my hands on the skirt ofcourse.

      And thank you, I am glad that you think that I pass as a guy as well. I still feel I totally don't pass at all, since everyone clearly sees me as female and call me 'mevrouw', but I hope that will change once my voice has changed. (and if I have more guy clothes I might be able to get into the 'is that a male or female' category. :p At least I hope so.)
      And yeah, our lolita community rocks! I am so glad that they are all so nice and open minded! ^____^

    3. Yeah, you should just try on some pants in the stores and see if there is one that fits you. With pants I think it's difficult to order online because I never know if it fits my body right. Not sure if you have bigger hips than me, but last time I checked mine were 90/92cm.

      Haha yes, that would be great, when people are thinking what gender you are. I had it last week at work, when two patients were guessing if I was male or female. One said out loud "it's a guy! That's a guys haircut!" But since I haven't come out at work, they all think I'm female, so I said I was female. And then the other patient said "I knew she was a girl!" I think it's funny when people can't tell if I'm male or female :p

    4. Yeah, I've got bigger hips than you then. My hips are 94/96 cm, and my (natural)waist is around 65, so that is really a difficulty in guy's pants, even in women's pants! (with women's pants I also have the problem that if I take a pair that fits my hips/tights, I need to wear it with a belt.)
      Maybe one day I will try to get over my fear and walk into a jeans store to try some out. (I really hate shopping for clothes in regular stores, I feel so out of place and then those salespeople jumping right into you asking if you need any help and such... *shivers* While in a gothic store I have no trouble going to the men's department to pick out some clothes. How funny, actually.)

      Awesome that those patients couldn't tell if you were a boy or a girl! :D See that you are on the right track already?

    5. Oh yes, I can imagine that it's very difficult for you then, having bigger hips, and a small waist. My waist is 72cm, and that's not a problem for me finding pants. Just the length :p

      I understand, I don't have a problem with shopping at H&M, but when I have to go into other regular stores I need somebody with me, otherwise I won't go in that easily. And those salespeople are very annoying! And it shows that you feel much more confident and secure when you're in a gothic store. But I also think that's because those people are more openminded, and don't look funny at you when going to the men's department.

    6. Lol, the lenght is actually the only thing I don't have a problem with! XD

      I believe that the H&M in my city doesn't even have a men's department. Only women's and children, and a bit of female lingerie. O_o
      In gothic stores, the salepeople are open minded yes. But in the past I did recieve a couple of strange looks from other customer-guy's when I was browsing the same rack as they. :')
      But these days a lot of gothic physical stores are closing down and concentrating on the internet.. Which is somewhat good since I prefer shopping online, but then you can't try it on (or you have to return the item again). So I just hope that I find out the right size for me and then I will buy all future pants in that size. XD

    7. Oh dear, I was just measuring my hips, and they are bigger since the last time I checked (I now have 95cm). But lol, no men's department at your local H&M? Here in Eindhoven the men'department is pretty small, but I know that in Utrecht they have a H&M for men only. Ans yes, you can always just order online and try it out! It's so hard to figure out the right size :p

    8. Lol, evil secretly growing hips. :p
      And yeah, our H&M is really small, so I guess that they couldn't fit a men's department and preferred to stick to women and such, since women usually buy more clothes. So from a sales point of view I can understand why they left out the men's wear.

      And yeah, it is really difficult to find the right size! And I think we are also spoilt because in lolita you simply get the right measurements (bust: xxxcm, waist: xxx cm, sleeve lenght: xxxcm, shoulder width: xxxcm, etc etc) and with normal guy pants you simply have "30" and I was like: O_o Is that the waist in inches or what? How about the lenght, what hips can fit into that? Please, tell me more! I need to know more! @___@

  2. I'm so glad you had great time in these days ♥♥♥

    I really love your new lolita set! I hope to find it too in future *_*

    1. Thank you so much dear ♥ I can't wait to put it all on *__*
      I also hope you will find it someday! Which colorway do you like the most?

  3. I'm so glad that you found your dream dress! :D
    I hope it will arrive very soon. ^__^

    And I'm so happy for you that everyone is so supportive!

  4. YUHUU!
    congrats for the purchase! This print is adorable! Specially the black and blue!
    Happy that you met your on-line friend and could share informations ^^
    And the Dvds~ Sleeping beauty <3
    Glad to read people are supporting you!!! This is so good! You are a very lucky person, who deserves it!

  5. Congrats! That set is a dream, its one of the few Ap prints I really really like.

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