vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Danchelle's birthday meet!

On the 5th of August there was a birthday meet-up from the lovely Danchelle.
It was held in Eindhoven, so the location was perfect, because I live there. 
We went out for a picknick and the location was only 10 minutes away from our house!

I love this cake!!
Me with Lory, who looked wonderfull!
Me and Anne!
Jumping in the air!
My boyfriend who didn't want to be on the picture :p
 Such a fun gif of me, the birthday girl Danchelle and Juul. 
Even though I was barely coming of the ground x'D

We all had a blast at the meet-up. I had so much fun that day

12 opmerkingen:

  1. awh i love you in that dress! and cute gif ^^

  2. The gif is hilarious :D Looks like a great day :)

  3. You look really cute, and the SNT looks so good on you!
    And that gif is very funny! :D

  4. Totally love your look and outfit (<3<3<3) ~ a dream dress! *wants photo session!* ;p

  5. Seems you had fun!
    You look absolutely gorgeous!! The SNT is perfect on you! \o/
    The jumping pic, love it!! Is so hard to take a nice shoot of it haha also the gif is cute!

    1. haha yeah it's always diccicult to make a good shot of a jump photo xD And thank you very much ♥

  6. You looked amazing! I'm so happy that you've found your dream dress.
    It was so fun then, such an lovely meeting :D
    I really like that gif, it's so cute <3

    1. It was nice to have seen you again :D You looked lovely! I still need to sort out the photo's we made *shame on me*