dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

Summer Darkness Day 2

So, on sunday there was the lolita fashionshow, MFashion's Lolita Dream World.
Because it was the 10th year anniversary of Summer Darkness we would show the development of lolita fashion through these 10 years. I participated the fashionshow, and had to wear an old school gothic lolita outfit. It was very clear that my outfit would be my favourite; my crosses dress.

We had to arrive a few hours before the show to get ready, do our make-up and practise some more. My boyfriend tagged along so he could make some shot of the fashionshow. But first he also went backstage to chat with our lolita friends, and to sneaky make this photo of me:

Me: "Don't make a photo of me now!" Boyfriend: "I won't.."
For this fashionshow I decided I wanted to give away a red rose (how gothic!). And in the end I gave it to my boyfriend, because he's such a sweetheart ♥
And then...Showtime!

I thought this photo was just darling, of me and Riyani! ♥
Photo by Christiaan Hofland
I love how long my legs appear on this photo!
Photo by Christiaan Hofland
I liked this photo because my boyfriend is also on it (the guy in the grey t-shirt with camera)
Can't remember who made this photo
Groupphoto of all the lolita's who participated! Don't they all look wonderfull? ♥
Photo by Christiaan Hofland
I still can't believe that there were so many people who were watching our fashion show!
Every year it seems it gets more crowded ^^
Here is a wonderfull photo of Josine, and the many people around her:
Photo by Tim van Veen
I have seen quite a few photo's of me online, so I do apologise for all this self spamming. But it's so hard for me to choose from all of this, so please forgive me!

I found this wonderfull photo of Marloes and me ♥
After the fashionshow I asked Martin (My boyfriend) to make a few photo's of my outfit, just in case I didn't had a nice photo during the fashionshow. He also made some of my friends and I.

Outfit Rundown:
Dress: 4 o'Clock (formerly know as 'Mirror')
Headdress: 4 o'Clock (formerly know as 'Mirror')
Tights: Offbrand
Shoes: LingLam
Necklace: Midi:Nette/Lemon

With Joze. This woman always amazes me with her gorgeos coordinations ♥

 With the very sweet Anne, always looking so cute ♥

With Marloes~♥

With the other Anne ♥

 With Josine, who looked stunning in her aristocrat outfit ♥
*the wind goes woesh!*

And the video of the fashionshow!
I'm the third one coming up.

I want to thank everyone for this amazing weekend, I truly had a blast

After this we had to go home again, because it was my father-in-laws 50th birthday.
On our way to the train I had a little accident.

My boyfriend and I stood on the escalator, and were almost down to go to the train platform, when someone from above (all the way up the escalator) Screamed "Look out!!!". I turned my head, and saw this huge travelling suitcase rushing towards me with full speed. It happend extremely fast, and couldn't do anything to prevent it. So, The suitcase knocked me down of my feet, and I landed on the suitcase with my back. I was down very quickly.

I wasn't really able to walk properly because the suitcase has hit me so hard against my leg. I even lost my left shoe! My boyfriend helped me to get up, and first thing I said was "Where is my shoe??" I put on my shoe, and felt the pain everywhere. Three men from the NS (train organisation) rushed to me for help, and took notes of everything. I said I was alright, and the girl from the suitcase was crying her eyes out.
After a check up we could travel first class towards home, and also that girl. She was crying the entire trip, because she felt so sorry about what happened.

On tuesday I went to the doctor, because the pain got worse.
Turns out I have a contusion on one of my ribs, which makes it painful for me to breath. Also the muscles in my neck, back and both arms hurts alot. Also both of my legs, but mostly my left leg, which also has a huge blue spot of where the suitcase landed.
So, I have to take things easy for now, but I'm glad there's nothing that serious because of this accident.

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  1. So many amazing pictures <3 You know dear, I really love your outfit and it suits you so damn well!

  2. Summer Darkness always seems like so much fun!
    Hopefully I can make it there one year!
    You looked absolutely stunning, like all the time ;) <3
    Gosh, I'm glad you're not seriously hurt in the accident & I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Damïen, you look FABULOUS! The outfit suits you very very well!!
    The pics are great too ^^
    Seems you had fun!

    AARGH ;__; Hope you are better now!!! ;__; take care

  4. Damien, you looked so wonderful!<3 And I hope you feel better soon, be careful! Hope to see you soon again!<3

  5. You looked so beautiful! Oldschool gothic suits you really well! :D

    And I hope you get well soon!

    1. I have to say that I liked the old school style on me that day ^^ Now I like the style even more♥ And thank you! You looked great!

  6. Damiën you look absolutly beauty *O*

    I hope your leg get qell soon, take care.

    1. Thank you so much ♥ I'm almost fully recovered, the only thing that needs to be healed is my rib ^^

  7. you and your friends look just wonderful!!It looks like an amazing event.Love ur cross dress and all coord,perfect shoes ^^

    1. Thank you so much dear ♥ It was an amazing, fun day. And I'm glad to see how amazing my friends looked like ♥

  8. your expression on the first photo: priceless !! snap shots are always best - right ? ;p

    sad that this great day ended with such a mean accident :c ... what a luck nothing worse did happen !

    1. Unexpected snapshots are often the best, yes ^^
      I'm almost fully recovered, so yay!

  9. Please, can I ask you, where does your wig come from? ^^