vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Meet-up with Eefje

Last thursday I met up with my old classmate, after haven't seeing her for a long time (July 2011). I decided to wear my new shirt, Darth Vader! I needed to have it, I love Star Wars ♥ And after not being able to wear my binder becuase of the contusion of my rib I was very happy I could wear it again! Still can't believe how flat it makes me, I feel so lucky ^^

We were walking around the city and ate something small. After buying something to drink we decided to find a quite spot to sit, rest and talk. So, we ended up sitting next to the Van Abbe Musuem (which is around 7 minutes away from where I live with the bicycle!) After 3 hours Martin was done with work, and joined us for a little bit. We made some silly photo's ^^ Not long after that we decided to go home for dinner. After dinner I wanted to bake some pisang goreng (baked banana). I was so tired while making them, that I asked Martin to take over for a bit. It was the first time making these, and luckily they weren't a complete failure :p

I had a wonderfull time

Photo 7, 9 and 11 are made by my friend Eefje.

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