maandag 20 augustus 2012

Personal Style Guide

A while ago I saw this post on VelvetBat's blog, about his personal style guide, and thought it's a good and neat way to show you in what direction I want my style to become.

Let's take a look


Some inspiration photo's for my future style:

As you can see, lots and lots of black clothing, because I feel most comfortable in black. I love suits, blazers and blouses. Silver jewelry, chains and lots of crosses. So, my clothing will become dark, classy and gothy.

The males in my inspiration photo's have long hair, because I want to grow my hair long again. I know I have cut it short, but I really needed that. I needed the short hair because it made me feel more confident about coming out, and living as a guy. But when I looked back at old photo's of me with my long hair (when I was 15-19 years old), I clearly saw a guy with long hair, and not a girl at all. The longer I look at those certain photo's, the more I see it. (These pictures cannot be found online). So, I'm going back to my old roots, and back to the black long hair I used to have (without bangs obviously).  It will take me a while, but oh well, I don't mind. It will take me 2 years to get back at my old length. Let's see how long my hair will be over 2 years from now! I also want some cool looking sideburns.

I also want several tattoos in the future. One behind my ear, 3 small ones on my back (3 stars), a chestpiece (text has already been decided), and a full arm sleeve tattoo (on the right arm).

So what do you think of my style guide?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. This is a good way of presenting the style you either want or already have! I love the inspo pictures! ^^

  2. Interesting styling guide (the inspiration photos are epic). ... love the text about your hair (I clearly saw a guy with long hair, and not a girl at all).

    And day of cutting your hair & your coming out will never ever be forget. Your true identity - finally !

  3. It looks really good and I can definitely see you wearing that style. Your outfit at the Elf Fantasy Fair also looked good on you, so I am looking forward to see your future style!
    And good luck with growing your hair out again!

  4. Ik doe zoiets like elk seizoen XD haha allen dan niet specifiek in die blokjes, dat is te vast vind ik, meer een moodboardje...

  5. Hi Damiën~! I've come by to tell you that I've tagged you and 10 other bloggers for the Liebster Award ( )♥

  6. I really like the style you're aiming at! The inspiration pics all look great and I believe you'll look just as cool as they do !