donderdag 27 september 2012

Red as wine

So after I bought those red pants from the previous post, I wanted to wear them the very next day. The pants feel so soft! ♥ I went for a simple outfit, since we were staying home that day. I'm not really satisfied with this outfit. The outfit doesn't look that bad, but for me it looks more feminine that I wanted it to look like, probably due to the cut of the sweater. Maybe I should have added a long vest with this outfit, but since we just stayed home it doesn't matter that much :p

And I will post some photo's from a project soon!

Outfit Rundown
Sweater - The Sting
Pants - H&M (mens department)
Shoes - Sacha

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Die broek is zo awesome!
    Ik heb bijna dezelfde bij d C&A gekocht en ik wordt er elke keer weer blij van als ik hem aantrek.
    Misschien koop ik die jij hebt ook wel voor Timo :p

    1. Die broek zit ook zóóó heerlijk ♥ Ben echt dol op ribbroeken, was alweer lang geleden dat ik er eentje had ^^

  2. YAY for red pants! I also got myself a pair this month :D wine is a beautiful color.
    I am in love with your boots since the day you posted them here <3

    1. I really love this color, so I really wanted this pair of pants ♥
      haha yes, the shoes are pure love *__*

  3. The deep red colour is really nice on you! It really suits the season too. Love your shoes so much!