donderdag 4 oktober 2012

Higher and higher

Today I really wanted to wear my boots, that I had bought a while ago. I found them for sale from someone who only tried them on once but didn't liked them So I was lucky ^^
I really like these boots, they make me feel taller!
With these shoes on I'm 1.76m. I also bumped my head against my bed because I forgot I was taller, lol!
These photo's look so silly, but I had to use the selftimer. 
I forgot to smile on the first photo which makes me look angry, that's why I had put a big heart on my face. 
On the second photo I was looking if the camera was doing anything, and then *SNAP*! 

When I'm not going outside I'm wearing my hair like this, because when my hair will be long again I will wear it like this, so my hair needs to get used to this style again, since I usually wear my hair differently. Haven't done anything with my hair today, how lazy of me! 

Also, do you see the stupid line that's coming from underneath my shirt? That's my binder. I haven't worn it for ages due to my lungs, and today I felt like trying it out again. I have worn it for only a few hours and then I couldn't take it anymore. I had to take it off. I really can't wait until I will have my top surgery so that I won't have to deal with binders anymore, and not having those troubles with my lungs.

Outfit Rundown
T-shirt - (DIY) H&M
Vest - H&M
Pants - H&M
Shoes- Fantasy shoes london

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