vrijdag 5 oktober 2012


I was looking through some old photo's and thought it might be fun to show you how I looked like some years ago. And than I came to the idea to make a timeline. I have never been girly, though maybe some people thought I was a girly girl before my coming-out.

Several people only know me since the time I started to wear lolita. But before I discovered it, I didn't dressed girly at all. I never wore skirts, or  make-up. I always wore trousers and t-shirst. I disliked the color pink and wouldn't wear it at all. And at times when I used make-up it was always only some eyeliner. Around 2008 I started to use some eyeshadow, mostly using (light) pink or black. This was also the time I discovered lolita. As you can see in my timeline, you see that I became more feminine from that moment on. In those years I started to wear dresses and skirts alot besides lolita, until I couldn't take it anymore. Which resulted in my coming-out last march.

It was so hard to find some photo's from the year 2003 until 2006, because I hardly took any photo's of myself. I didn't really enjoyed making those because I was very insecure about myself in that period due to my genderdysphoria and me being completely certain of it. Most of my photo's are starting from the year 2009, because due to lolita I became more secure. It gave me alot of confidence because when I had put on a dress I felt more pretty. And I was happy to have found more people who dressed like this and joined our local lolita community. I gained alot of good friends due to this fashionstyle and I'm very gratefull for that.
And being with my current partner for almost 6 years has also changed me alot. This wonderfull person has been with me at my best and my lowest. I wouldn't be in my current situation if I didn't had all these amazing people around me

How did you dressed before you discovered lolita?
Was it a completely different style?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Very interesting to see! :D I really like it how you can pull off different styles.
    I only know you from when you were wearing lolita, so I have never really seen the you before that.

    And I can relate to part of wearing lolita so much that at one point was too much resulting in the coming-out.

    But I am happy for you that you have so many friends around you, and that you also have gained for self-confidence through lolita. I really hope that you still have the feeling of self-confidence and feeling pretty outside lolita these days too. :)

    As for myself, I wore cybergoth before I started lolita, but that's something you already knew. :p I don't really have pictures of the stuff I wore before I got into cybergothic. I didn't have a camera back then. But I also didn't really had a much interesting style anyways. Just those good old crushed velvet gothic dresses and black wide legged 'alto' pants with big Bauhaus t-shirts which are several sizes too big. I looked terrible in those. XD

  2. Ik vind het gaaf dat je er nu gewoon zo open over bent ^^.