maandag 19 november 2012

What I dislike in lolita

The negative reactions from people when you're wearing lolita in public.
Of course I know this is something you just have to deal with when wearing a clothing style that stands out this much. But that doesn't take away that it's pretty annoying when people stare at you and making rude comments.

Not being able to wear lolita at most jobs. It's a pity, but there's not much one can do about it. At other jobs you have to wear the company's clothing, so you can't wear lolita. Or perhaps you're able to wear a very casual, lolita inspired outfit.

Running prints
I dislike it alot that certain prints run when getting wet.
Especially here in the Netherlands it rains quite alot. So I'm often limited to other dresses I own that don't run, and keep the other items for special occasions or when I know for sure it will be dry outside.

Body shaming
One thing I hate, more than anything else on this list, is the constant body shaming in the lolita community and it’s general acceptance among others. Body shaming in my opinion is never okay, no matter what. I hate people saying (mostly on the Secrets community) that tall girls, plus-size girls, muslim girls or girls wearing a hijab, black girls, boys, or any other type of human should not wear lolita. I think everyone can look great in lolita.

No money, no dress
When I have no money to buy a dress I want, or when I have the money but can't find the piece I want. And this is the story of my life actually. How typical, when you have plenty of money you would love to spend on lolita, looking around on EGL Sales, and find nothing that you want to buy. And the moment you have spend your money on something else you will come across a piece you would love to have but are lacking the funds.

Knocking stuff over with your petticoat- it's so annoying! I try to make my poof less poofy when walking in the house, in order to prevent knocking everything off. Unfortunantly, I don't always succeed.

Style Hating
People who hate on other styles. It’s cool if you don’t want to wear gothic/sweet/classic/punk/whatever, and it’s cool if you don’t like them even! But spreading hate for them is just stupid. Luckily we don't have this in our community.

Rain & Wind
Taking forever to do your hair and then having it ruined by rain or wind. Or in my case; my wig. Go away rain and wind, I'm wearing my frills!

Being too late
Having something sell out before you have a chance to buy it. When you're thinking of buying something, or are just not fast enough and a certain item has already been bought by someone else in the meanwhile. Or missing an auction, how unlucky!

The Replica Debate
I don’t really care if someone buys a replica or not. It’s their money. I understand both sides of the argument. I prefer to keep my opinion to myself. In all honesty, the replica debate is just like beating a dead horse now.

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  1. I agree with just everything you said. I seldom wear lolita, and I had no problems in comic conventions and places that are full with alternative people, but I once tried to go to the movies with a sweet lolita outfit and omg the rudeness of people. I clearly remember one girl bursting out laughing... now, it really was a plain outfit (jsk, socks, maryjanes and blouse), there really was no reason to laugh that much; she clearly was trying to make me feel embarrassed - but she looked hysterical :D.
    I just can't get why people can't mind their own business. What do they care about what others are wearing?

  2. Love the beating horse comment about replicas xD

  3. Also agree! XD

    We need poof, but it's a problem too :/
    The replica debate, the drama, the gossip~
    Don't event tell me about running prints ;__; GAH! My friend had a problem with a meta print~ but she managed to clean, in my case (with the baby print, was a tragedy)

    Thanks for sharing your opinions!

  4. you are true about the replicas and another styles,I agree with u :)