zaterdag 17 november 2012

What I love in lolita

When I started to wear lolita I have gained much more confidence and felt more secure about myself. I wasn't afraid of just being myelf by wearing clothing I love.
(Lacking confidence to wear lolita? I wrote 2 posts about confidence: I & II.)


It completes the look and it makes your dresses or skirts look so beautiful! It makes me happy when I see that poofy silhouette, anytime, anywhere.


Oh my, gotta love the socks! I'm a huge fan of the OTK socks and they make my legs look longer than they are. I love myself a lovely pair of OTK socks with gorgeos lace, or a wonderfull print on them.


I adore border prints the most, but also subtle prints all over a dress. And the longer you look at a print, the more you see and discover. Though I also enjoy plain designs as well.


I love to see how creative everyone is by making their own coordinations, and how elegant someone can look. I'm just a complete sucker for classic, gothic and aristocrat coordinations. But I also love to see how my sweet lolita friends are looking in their cute and adorable outfits. And I also love to see outfits that are breaking the rules, or look different than the others. Wheter it be an unusual haircut/haircolor, lots of tattoo's/piercings or just uncommon combinations.

The print and accesories.The extreme detail that goes into every piece. The lace, the pintucks, the bows. Matching hairclips, rings, necklaces and bracelets.


 They are always so much fun, and it's great to see my friends again and admire their outfits. I always look forward to these meet-ups.

Romantic Aesthetic
This is what drew me to lolita in the first place, and what keeps me in this fashion years later. I love the delicate, romantic and elegant look of the whole fashion.

All the friendships I gained throughout this wonderfull fashion style! I've got to know lots of amazing people all over the world that are the biggest sweethearts I've ever met!

Local community

All the people in my local community are the most fun, caring and trusting. You are all so very important and meaning alot to me.

Bonus: Food
Food in the lolita fashion is indeed very present. It made me discover cupcakes, high class food and tea. I couldn't be more thankful! Since I became a lolita, I've never tasted so many yummy food!

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