donderdag 4 april 2013


Several days ago I bought Bioshock Infinite. I was waiting for this game for a long time, after finishing Bioshock 2. This game was supposed to launch last year, but they rescheduled it to March 2013. My patience was fully tested with this game!

I have only played a few hours of this game, but I can already tell that I love it alot ♥ I'm a big fan of all the Bioshock games, and fell in love right away after playing the first Bioshock game, which location was in Rapture (under water). This third game is completely different from the first 2 parts, and takes place in the sky, in a city called Columbia. The scenerary is gorgeos, and there are alot of steampunk influences (clothing, location) which is awesome to see. What I like about the game is also the music they are playing, it reminded me of the other Bioshock games immediatly. What I dislike about the game (and so far the only disliking) is that you can only save with Autosave. You can't save whenever you want, which I think it's a pity. With the other Bioshock games you were able to save whenever you wanted to.

This game comes in a premium edition, and it has costed me €39,99 (at Mediamarkt). I love premium editions, the game always comes with a few nice extra's! The artbook contains stunning images of the characters, scenery and a few vigors.I made a few snapshots for you to see. I also like the keychain alot, the little  handyman figure. I haven't used/downloaded the upgrade-pack, pc-themes or soundtrack yet. The package in the Netherlands come with the Dutch language, but also in French.

What it contains:

☆ Game
☆ Artbook
☆ Handyman figure (mini)
☆ Devil's Kiss-Litho
☆ Murder of crows keychain
☆ Digital soundtrack
☆ Upgrade-pack
☆ PC-Themes

When installing this game, you also need a Steam account. I used to have one, but I lost it. So, I made a new Steam account. Here you can connect with other people playing games, and also the same game as you. You will have a profile there, and can keep track of your game's process.

Anyone else playing this game? If so, what do you think of it?

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