zaterdag 17 september 2011

Bookshelfs are so usefull!

Just to give you a looksie of some of our bookshelfs.
It's not hard to see which are filled with my stuff.

This is where a part of my accesories are. 
Headdresses, headbow, bracelets, rings, lots of hairclips...
Under the white headdress in the middle I have some storage for lots of hairclips, earrings and other necklaces than my rosaries. And hidden under my rose hairclips are three decorated heart shaped storages, with some more necklaces, bracelets and what not. On the left you can see some MFashion flyers, and my stamp card from the shop. I still need 7 stamps, but that also means I need to spend €700,- more euros! *Forever poor*

This is where some manga books are storaged. 
Initial D is from my boyfriend. He is a big fan of it. The other manga's you see are mine.
My other manga is hidden behind the almighty Initial D collection!

And some of my books! As you can see I love myself some Shakespear from time to time.
Also Jane Austen is always nice to read. The Linux books on the right are not mine haha.

Do you love to read?
If so, what do you read, and can you recommend me some good books?
I like to read books in Dutch, but I like it better in English.


Also, where and how do you keep your accesories, headdresses and necklaces?
I'm really curious!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm so curious about your manga collection!
    I love read, in this moment I'm reading a historical book about samurai!
    What kind of book do you like? So I can suggest you something I read!

  2. Maybe I will psot a picture of the remaining manga, I have sold alot of it before.
    And I like crime stories, books with violence in it. Or just fantasy. And historical books are very interesting to read as well. So if you have a suggestion for me, please do tell!

  3. I keep my accessories on shelves too. I think it's the best way (or I haven't found out any better one yet :D) And I also have a few gift boxes (heart-shaped and stuff) where I keep my hairclips, bracelets, the little things. ^^
    I love Jane Austen's books too, I've read Pride and Prejudice like.. a million times.. and I can never get tired of it. :3 I also prefer to read books in English (even though I can't understand every word of it, too bad). As for recommendations... Have you read Oscar's Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray? I love the book. And also Murakami has amazing books - my favourite are Kafka on the Shore and Afterdark. ^^

  4. lees ik ben een legende <3

  5. Vroeger was ik echt een manga freak. Maar dat is een beetje weggevaagd. Maar ik ga misschien volgende maand wel paar halen ;).

    Ik vindt lezen echt heerlijk. Maar ik neem helaas daar voor geen tijd voor. Lezen duurt bij mij heel erg lang :(

    Maar als ik lees, lees ik drama, romantiek, horror, fantasie (vooral met vampiers erin) en informatieve boeken.

    Ik bewaar mijn sieraden in schattig doosjes. Maar voor mijn kettingen, heb zo standbeeld met haakjes ^^.